Aug 14 2010

Cruel Natali’s Revenge. Part 2.

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Natali finally turns the tables on Nika. She ties her feet and hoists them to the ceiling and begins punishing her with her heels. After making Nika clean her shoes she moves on to her lovely breasts. After a quick round of spankings, Natali moves on to forcing her to cum with triple hitachis. While on the way to forcing Nika to cum, Natali decides she needs to come herself and sits her ass on Nika’s face. After she is satisfied, she then unties Nika from the ceiling and forces her to give head to a double ended dildo. Natali then decides to fuck Nika doggy style with the double ended dildo. She then mails a picture of Nika to Nika’s boyfriend as the final piece of revenge.

Aug 07 2010

Lesbian bondage story. Part 2.

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Missy’s pussy takes a flogging and then suction cups to make her clit sensative.

Next, mistress Natali DeMore licks her pussy , forcing her to orgasm and then decides this rich bitch needs a strapon dick in her ass. Natali doesn’t hold back and finger fucks her ass then with her strapon.

Missy is beyond humiliated and in the end she’s left with a big splatter of cum on her face.

Hows that for an insurance scam, Bitch?

Aug 04 2010

Cruel Natali’s Revenge. Part 2.

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Nika captures and punishes Natali for messing with her boyfriend. Natali is tied spread eagle and her pussy and breasts are flogged. Then Nika comes in with clothespins and applies 8 to her sensitive labia and forces her to cum with the vibrator.

But Nika isn’t done yet, she has Natali make it up to her by eating her pussy, she then ties Natali up in a modified hogtie, poles holding her arms open and tickles her bare feet with an electric toothbrush while vibing her to orgasm again.

More coming soon!

Jul 31 2010

Lesbian bondage story. Part 1.

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Missy is living off her inheritance and is used to the good life, but now her money is about to run out, and she is desperate.

She calls up her assistant, Natali, to help her pull off an insurance scam and make it look like she was robbed. Natali De More is tired of all her bosses bull and has the perfect opportunity to get her back. She ties Missy up tight, gags her, flogs her perky tits, then penetrates her rich ass with a butt plug and forces her to cum with multiple vibrators on her clit.

Poor rich girl!

Jul 28 2010

The Seduced Maid Part 2

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Lesbian Sex Slave Stories

Angel Cummings is tied in a frogtie and instructed to eat Natali’s pussy and get her off, but she’s a greedy lesbian Mistress and wants multiple orgasms.

So she straps a dildo mouth gag on Angel and tells her to fuck her.

Next, she is tied doggy onto the bondage horse and oil is squirted all over her ass until it dripping like honey.

Natali gets out two hitachi’s and works over Angel’s clit and ass hole until she can’t cum anymore…

Lesbian Sex Slave Stories Lesbian Sex Slave Stories Lesbian Sex Slave Stories

Jul 26 2010

The bondage fun begins… Part 2.

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Marie McCray is the delivery girl still molested by Natali, she is tied up in chains spread eagle and clamps on her labia.

She is forced to cum while Natali crops her. Then she is tied doggy and forced to cum with 3 hitachi wand vibrators!! She cums 15-20 times!!

This is a huge lesbian sex slave stories” update. Marie is exhausted from cumming so much its a good thing she was tied to the bondage horse or she would have fell off! Great interview and BTS included.

Jul 25 2010

Kinky mistress SD Fucking Moxxie Up

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Slut Moxxie is hot enough to make cruel Sister Dee want to fuck her up. There is something about her body that just invites lesbian punishment. Her tits are big, round and completely flawless. Her cunt is sensitive, sweet and tight. She is flexible, both physically and morally, and those assets add up to a good time that cannot be passed up…

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Jul 23 2010

The Seduced Maid Part 1

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Angel Cummings has been Natali’s maid cleaning her dungeon for months, listening to her beat her slaves and never thought about what it would be like to be taken under Natali’s whip herself.
Natali decides the time has cum for her to seduce her young hot maid. She kisses her and tells her to strip then ties her up and clamps her nipples.
She then zippers her breasts and licks her pussy to orgasm after orgasm and inserts her breast into her pussy and makes her lick off her cunt juices. Her maid doesn’t know what to make of all this rough play and is very humiliated.

More cumming soon!

Jul 20 2010

The bondage fun begins… Part 1.

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Natali orders take out and decides the delivery girl is too hot to let go. She grabs her tazer and tells the girl to handcuff herself. Then the lesbian bondage fun begins.

Natali forces her to lick her shoes and then suck her nylon covered toes.
Natali is so turned on by this, she gets out her vibrator.

But now she decides to take her captured delivery girl to her basement dungeon and tie her up and train her to take pain.